Familia (Portlandia Group 2001)

Poems by Elisa A.Garza

With telling gestures and arresting images, Elisa Garza's fluid and swift poems evoke the world of an extended Mexican American family.  At once sweet and tough minded, interweaving English and Spanish into compressed narratives, they announce, an original voice: "one mixed up mestizaje chicana."

    - Judith Taylor, author of Curios and Burning

Familia debuts a vivid, intelligent,. and authentic voice. Elisa Garza's family portraits expose the ďalternating layers" that are so often wedged between language and experience, individual and family, a memory and a moment. Her book is a work of deep feeling and beauty.

    - David Biespiel, author of Shattering Air

Available from The Portlandia Group, $8.00

ISBN 0-9672881-2-6

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