Why I Kick At Night (Portlandia Group, 2004)

By Ron Drummond

"Ron Drummond's poems teach balance, appreciation, and attentiveness to the beauty/horror of any given moment. Studies in contrast, they combine a breezy, playful wit with stunning moments of high emotional impact. It's a potent one two punch or should I say kick? Eye opening. Attention getting. As perfectly timed as a Rockette."

    - Elaine Equi, author of The Cloud of Unknowable Things

"Ron Drummond leaps energetically into his subject gay life and love in the midst of the AIDS pandemic. Far from being grim, these well crafted, multi toned poems strike a fine balance between the grave and funny, the tender and tough."

    - Judith Taylor, Portlandia judge, author of Selected Dreams from the Animal Kingdom

Out of Print -- Available occasionally through used and rare book dealers (check Amazon.com, Alibris.com and others)

ISBN 0-9672881-5-0

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