Bud Break at Mango House (Portlandia Group, 2008)

By Jen Karetnick

"Bud Break at Mango House introduces us to a lush, hip, and eerie Floridian poetry. Karetnick uses many forms (sonnet, villanelle, sestina, rondeau) as well as free verse to explore life in the subtropics. Whether she's shopping for a hurricane, observing turkey vultures, attending a Puerto Rican wedding, or surviving a kayak trip from hell, her well-crafted poetry is unforgettable. I expect Karetnick to be astonishing us for decades to come."

    -Karen Braucher, Portlandia editor, author of Aqua Curves and Sending Messages Over Inconceivable Distances

"Karetnick's greatest gift is her ear for language-its rhythms, its ability to entertain multiple meanings at once, its love of pure sound. She knows how to marry mystery, risk-taking, and ambiguity. I admire her willingness to leave the complexity of the human condition untidied."

    -Helen Marie Casey, Portlandia judge, author of Fragrance Upon His Lips and Inconsiderate Madness

Available from The Portlandia Group, $10.00  (includes shipping and handling)

ISBN 0-9672881-7-7

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