When, by the Titanic (Portlandia Group, 2006)

By John Pursley III

 “When, by the Titanic is exciting for several reasons: the poet's command of language and sense of the ear's pleasures; the deft technical skills that allow the poet to move from one poetic form to another with equal craft and ease; the utter originality and nimbleness of mind at work in each and every poem.”

    - Helen Marie Casey,  Portlandia judge, author of Fragrance Upon His Lips and Inconsiderate Madness

 “How rare among us is a way of seeing this mindful and playful; a music this consistently elegant, inventive, and acute; a wisdom this startled by the things of the world that ‘seem to carry/ a certain sense of rebuttal I cannot burn away.' These are subtle, fearless poems of great artistry.”

    - Robin Behn, author of Horizon Note, The Red Hour, and Paper Bird

Available from The Portlandia Group, $8.00

ISBN 0-9672881-6-9

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